Pre-School Club

Pre-School Club for Grade 00/0:

Fantasy Pre-School Club

This is a free play club where the children can let their little imaginations run wild.  They can be princesses, pirates, doctors or whatever their little hearts desire.

Dance Club   

This club is a fun and energetic period that allows children to dance along to different songs every

Creative Construction         

Children are given the opportunity to create crafts, with very limited guidelines given, therefore encouraging "out of the box" thinking.  Working with a variety of materials offers new experiences and aids in the development of fine motor skills.

Build and Play                      

Group work and creativity are combined in this fun-filled activity club.  Children are divided into groups and are given an item that they need to create (a bridge, a castle, a maze, etc.)  Children develop planning skills, how to work within a group situation and their imagination is stimulated.

Pre-School Club for Grade R:

In the Grade 0 Pre-School Club we offer a variety of different age appropriate activities in which the children may participate extramurally.

Book Club

The children get to listen to stories which are more dramatised; take part in presenting their own puppet shows and listen to audio stories available on CD and DVD.  This also gives them an opportunity to donate books to the Book Club.

Old-fashioned Games

The children are reintroduced to games such as Red Rover, Simon Says, Stuck in the Mud, Duck Duck Goose and many more.

Board Games

In this activity extra time is spent on teaching the children the rules of games and how to play games such as Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Bingo, Cluedo, etc.  The children learn how to win and lose through playing these games.  This also gives them an opportunity to donate games to the Club.


The children are given the opportunity to bring their own puzzles, especially those with more pieces, to school to show off just how clever they are at building puzzles.  This also gives them an opportunity to donate puzzles to the Puzzle Club.

Nature and Animal Lovers              


Appreciation and care for God's creation

Knowledge enrichment

Skills (eg. raking, digging, planting, watering)


Nature walks (collect seeds, leaves); observe/discuss/discover

Share and observe pets

Plant, observe and care for vegetables (seeds)

Creative Fantasy                              


Social skills and knowledge enrichment

Imaginative and creative thinking


Block construction with animals, sticks, vehicles, boxes etc.

Creation of buses, houses, aeroplanes, trains, tents, fire engines using a variety of materials and improvisation

(eg.Blankets, chairs)

We look forward to having your child join us in all our after school activities.