Our Cheerleading squad comprises  talented dancers and gymnasts, with a couple of gentleman to help us out in the strength department.

The Cheerleading season takes place in term three, four and then in term one of the following year, with try-outs in the third term. During the October holiday we either go away on camp or work at school to bond and get ideas for our next routine.

Being part of the Cheer squad requires great levels of dedication and school spirit. The rewards are high, though, as there is much fun and laughter to be had. Ask any cheerleader what their favorite school activity is and they will definitely say cheerleading!

As representatives of Ashton, the cheer squad performs at Inter-high Athletics, open days held at the College and for some of the Junior College functions.

The crisp dance routines and gravity defying stuns, not to mention the ASHTON name flash, have become traditions at school.

If you have a talent for dancing or gymnastics, you’ll love being part of our squad.